The Influence of Leadership Style and Motivation on Employee Performance in Drinking Water Distributor Company


Employee performance is an effort to systematically and continuously manage employees' ability to perform in a company. Therefore, employees can meet the desired level of performance in a company by giving their best to achieve company goals. The success of an organization is influenced by employee performance. This is because every company seeks to improve employee performance in order to achieve organizational goals that have been set. Performance can be accepted as a result of a process or work, this is because all employees are required to have the ability, that is, the ability to carry out the duties charged or entrusted to him. Each task or job has an activity that processes inputs and converts them into value-added outputs as products or deliverables. The purpose of this research is to analyze the effect of leadership styles and motivation on the performance of PT. Sidoraya Star. The number of samples used was 50 employees with a proportional random sampling method. Data collection was carried out using an interview approach, where the research instrument used was a questionnaire. The collected data were then analyzed using multiple linear regression analysis techniques. The results of the study indicated that leadership style had a significant positive effect on employee performance. Motivation has a positive effect on the performance of employees. The implication of this research is that the better the leadership style of company leaders, the employee's performance will increase, and the higher the employee's work motivation, the employee's performance will increase.
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