•   Suwardi Bambang Hermanto


This study aims to analyze corporate governance towards the publication of financial statements on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The end of the financial year until the date of publication of the financial statements as a period of reporting time lag. Ownership composition, characteristics of directors and commissioners, and audit committee as a proxy for corporate governance. Proportional strata method for selecting a sample of 775 annual reports, for the period 2013-2014 from nine industry groups. Multiple regression analysis techniques, using control variables of size, performance, auditor quality, and type of industry. The results showed that ownership, board meetings, and audit committee meetings, as well as the number of commissioners and audit committees, had a significant effect on the issuance of issuers' audit reports. While the independence of directors and commissioners does not affect.spacing.

Keywords: corporate governance, publication financial statements, Indonesia stock excxhange


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