•   Suela Hajdari


This paper aims to give an overview of the existing literature of the models which asses the quality of higher education institutions. The higher education sector is dynamic and competitive. The increasing number of universities leads to the necessity for them to maximize the efforts and improve the quality of their services. A lot of studies from different researchers and different countries are developed through time. It is important to emphasize that higher education is a service, and as other services offered to the customers we have to measure its quality. So this study consists on qualitative research methods and a comprehensive literature review, which allows choosing which model to use for assessing the quality of higher education. Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each model the researchers would be able to use the model which is more reliable and valid for their study. The results of this paper are consistent with earlier research that had compared these models, the Servqual remains the most pointed model used to assess service quality in the higher education sector.

Keywords: literature review, higher education institutions, service quality, Servqual,


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