Short Videos, Big Decisions: A Preliminary Study of Tik Tok's Role in E-Commerce Consumer Behaviour


This study aims to investigate the effects of short videos on consumers' purchase intention using the Stimulus-Organism-Response (SOR) model. Specifically, the study examined the impact of three stimulus variables - price level, quality, and commodity practicability - on consumers' sense of trust, pleasure, and virtual touch, which in turn influence their purchase intention. Quantitative survey questionnaires via online platforms to reach a total of 103 Tik Tok users. One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) was used to test the significance of the hypotheses. The study's findings revealed that consumers are more likely to trust and be satisfied with short videos that have high picture quality (p-value = 0.001). However, the lower price level of the product did not necessarily lead to greater trust and satisfaction (p-value = 0.635). The usefulness of the product did not significantly influence consumers' sense of pleasure (p-value = 0.052). These findings have important practical implications for marketers seeking to use short videos to promote their products. The study's results suggest that high-quality videos can help build trust and increase consumer satisfaction, but lowering prices may not necessarily have the same effect. Therefore, marketers should be cautious when using price discounts to increase consumers' trust and satisfaction.
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